Newsletter September,2022,09


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Greek F&B producers step up presence, gain recognition worldwide

Amid booming exports of agri-food products, Greek food and beverage producers are further stepping up their international presence, drawing connoisseurs – and investors − from around the world, and dramatically expanding their participation at major food exhibitions.

In the past several weeks, wine masters from 38 Michelin star restaurants in nine countries across Europe visited some 90 Greek wineries at the invitation of Enterprise Greece. While at next month’s SIAL Paris trade fair, one of Europe’s foremost food exhibitions, participation at the Greek national pavilion, also organized by the agency, is expected to shatter previous records.

More than 100 Greek exhibitors are expected to take part this year, placing Greece among the top 15 national participants at the SIAL Paris fair. In the last decade, Greek food has become synonymous with quality, the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, and business opportunity. This year’s slogan – Invest in Taste – reflects the broad role that Greece’s agri-food sector plays in the country’s economy.

“Our view at Enterprise Greece is that exports and investment are not separate fields.

In a global economy, strong export performance is an important part of attracting investment and vice versa,” says Executive Director and Member of the Board Betty Alexandropoulou. “For example, in the last few years we have seen significant investment in Greece’s F&B sector by foreign investors with a view to increasing Greek food exports.”

Among them is the recent moves by international food giant Mondelez to acquire Greek snack food maker Chipita for $2 billion, and the acquisition of Vivartia, Greece’s largest food conglomerate, by private equity firm CVC Capital Partners. Since then, CVC has proceeded with further investments in the sector, with the aim of ramping up exports of signature Greek products like Greek yogurt and Feta cheese.