Newsletter September,2023,09


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Greek government to press ahead with economic, legal and judicial reforms

The Greek government will press ahead with a series of economic, legal and judicial reforms designed to improve the operations of the state in areas ranging from tax administration to the administration of justice.

Speaking at the Thessaloniki International Fair earlier this month, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis outlined an ambitious and wide-ranging four-year program of reforms: a “multidimensional modernization” that the government pledged to adopt after its recent re-election. The program lays out a series of targeted initiatives that include new financial tools and the use of technology to combat tax evasion, but also changes to labor laws and the judicial system.

“I will describe today this multidimensional modernization that I have already talked about in Parliament, but focusing on three areas: the economy, law and justice,” Mr. Mitsotakis said in his annual address at the Fair. The goal, he added, is a Greek “state that will serve in providing a better everyday life” for citizens and businesses alike.

Among the economic and fiscal reforms, the government promised to widen the tax base, cracking down on tax evasion by harnessing technology to ensure greater transparency in commercial transactions and payments. Other reforms include opening the Greek credit market to non-bank competitors and imposing new levies on certain categories of short-term rental operators.

The government program also includes a plan to upgrade the national health system, and introduces reforms to make part-time work easier, promote renewable energy, and introduce greater transparency at the local government level. Mr. Mitsotakis also proposed tougher sentencing guidelines for certain criminal violations and steps to speed up procedures in Greece’s slow-moving courts, bringing them in line with European standards by 2027.