Newsletter August,2023,08


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Our View: Back to the Future

By Marinos Giannopoulos
CEO, Enterprise Greece

After a tumultuous decade, Greece is officially back. In the past few weeks, two of the world’s leading credit rating agencies have restored the country’s sovereign rating to investment grade with more such actions expected in the months ahead. The upgrades reflect years of hard work and sacrifice by Greece and the Greek people.

A new and better Greece has emerged in that time. The country has been transformed and now boasts one of the fastest growth rates in Europe; a competitive and market-friendly economy; an ever healthier fiscal balance. These are the products of a consistent and far-sighted economic policy that have addressed the ills of the past.

But just as importantly, these latest rating upgrades are also a clear endorsement of the future. Greece’s new economic model and the country’s improved governance signal the beginning of a new and prosperous chapter for the years to come.