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Our View: Brighter Tomorrow

By Marinos Giannopoulos
CEO, Enterprise Greece

The world is beset by challenges. From war in Israel, to war in Ukraine. From an energy crisis to a climate crises, from a global slowdown to rising prices worldwide.

Greece is not immune to these challenges but in an environment of increased uncertainty, the country remains an attractive investment destination. This month one of the world’s leading consultancies and one of the world’s leading credit ratings agencies both affirmed Greece’s prospects.

According to EY, two thirds of foreign multinationals think that the reasons for investing in Greece will grow even further over the next three years – one of the most positive outlooks for any country in Europe. Meanwhile, ratings agency Standard & Poor’s has restored Greece’s investment grade rating and says the country will continue to see robust economic growth over the same time period thanks to economic reforms, sound fiscal policies and European Union support.

So amid the uncertainty, Greece continues to see glimmers of a brighter tomorrow.