Newsletter September,2021,09


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Our View: Competitive Greece

By Georgios Filiopoulos
CEO, Enterprise Greece

As Greece moves ahead the country is restoring its competitiveness. In the past two years, the Greek government has moved aggressively to cut tax rates and social security contributions for businesses and households alike. Through a series of initiatives from e-government services to regulatory reform, Greece has also streamlined rules and red tape that burdened entrepreneurship.

Already much has been accomplished and starting next year, Greece will have a tax regime that will be competitive with other OECD countries and fellow European Union member states. The steps taken − particularly for businesses − have included measures to reduce taxes on dividends, on corporate income, and more favorable treatment of research & development expenses.

Greece is leaving behind an era of high taxes and stifling regulation and a new, more competitive economy is emerging, one that rewards entrepreneurship and innovation.