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Our View: Green Greece

By Georgios Filiopoulos
CEO, Enterprise Greece

From Asia to Africa, from Antarctica to the Americas, the global warnings over climate change are growing by the day. For the sake of our collective future, Greece is doing its part.

This month, Greece introduced its first ever national climate law − one of the most progressive in Europe − with ambitious goals and a system for ratcheting up commitments on an ongoing basis.

Greece also celebrated the one-year anniversary of its ground breaking Smart & Sustainable Island project with the introduction of new e-mobility services on Astypalea. And within weeks, Greece is expected to unveil a new regulatory framework for the development of offshore wind farms.

These efforts are attracting interest from around the world. Major energy companies from Europe and the Middle East are looking to invest in Greece’s clean future, while visitors are being drawn by the country’s commitment to sustainability.

Placing Greece at the forefront in the fight against climate change is both good policy and good business.