Newsletter July,2023,07


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Our View: Green Leader

By Marinos Giannopoulos
CEO, Enterprise Greece

Greece has become a leader in the transition to a clean energy future.

Just in the past several weeks, Greece has been recognized by international consultancy EY for its policies in support of renewable energy. And the country was also ranked among the best performers in Europe for cutting its greenhouse gas emissions by The Green Tank, a non-profit think tank focusing on sustainability.

At the same time, Greece is becoming an ever more vital energy hub in the region. The country’s national grid operator has taken two significant steps to connect Greece with its neighbors in the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean, moves that open up even further possibilities for clean and secure energy in the future.

While in the meantime, other critical projects are already underway: new power cables linking Greece with Europe and Africa, new offshore wind farms. And, in the weeks ahead, a new and updated national energy and climate plan.

Taken together, Greece is emerging as a front runner in Europe’s efforts to develop clean and secure energy supplies for the future.