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Our View: Hi-tech Greece

By Marinos Giannopoulos
CEO, Enterprise Greece

Greece has become a regional technology hub and is welcoming the world’s leading tech giants to its shores. A new Greece is being born.

As part of the country’s economic transformation and revitalization, Greece has embraced technology and the digital revolution as part of its future. From e-government services to 5G telecommunications, the Greek government realizes that technology is the key to the country’s prosperity.

With its business friendly environment and exciting growth prospects, foreign investors are responding. In the last two years, major multinationals have been investing in Greece’s digital future and, in particular, the future of cloud computing services.

Greece will soon be one of the few countries in the world outside of North America that is home to all three of the world’s largest cloud service companies: Microsoft, Amazon, Google. For Greece, this means new opportunities for businesses, new jobs for Greeks, and a rapidly growing and diversifying economy.