Newsletter November,2023,11


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Our View: New Energy

By Marinos Giannopoulos
CEO, Enterprise Greece

Graced with a sunny climate, windswept seas and geostrategic location, Greece is emerging as an international destination in the world’s energy transition.

The country’s new development program for offshore wind farms, combined with rapidly growing investments in solar energy, and new grid connections to the Balkans, the Middle East and North Africa, means that Greece is poised to become a clean energy hub for the wider region.

From net energy importer, Greece is positioning itself as a new energy exporter in a post-hydrocarbon future.

What’s more, Greece may also be developing as a business hub on the world’s energy map. The recent announcement by Denmark’s Copenhagen Offshore Partners, a global leader in the offshore wind market, that it is opening two global hubs in Greece to serve offices in Europe, Asia and America, is an indication of that future.

There is a new energy in Greece these days.