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Our View: Open Greece

By Marinos Giannopoulos
CEO, Enterprise Greece

Greece is opening to the world. The years of transformation have turned Greece into an outward oriented economy that has become competitive in the international market.

Case in point: last year Greece hit yet another record for overseas exports, it welcomed record foreign direct investment, and saw record tourism inflows. That despite a difficult international environment with the global economy buffeted by rising prices and economic slowdown.

Just as important are the clear signs that both Greek exports and Greece’s investment profile are climbing up the value chain.

A new study shows how some of the country’s fastest growing exports last year were in medium and high tech products, even as Greek exports of primary products were expanding in new markets. And the recent entry of blue chip investors in Greece – from Google to Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund – are an endorsement of the country’s business-friendly environment.

Years of difficult reforms have transformed Greece. Clearly, Greece is benefitting from that transformation.