Newsletter October,2021,10


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Our View: Reaching Outwards

By Georgios Filiopoulos
CEO, Enterprise Greece

Greece’s place in the world is a product of both its international diplomacy and its international competitiveness. The foreign policy of the country in the 21st Century depends as much on its international relations as it does on its commercial relations.

Under the new National Strategic Extroversion Plan, the Greek government has detailed almost 500 initiatives to engage commercially with the international community and set ambitious goals for the country. By 2023, Greece aims to double its inflows of Foreign Direct Investment to the equivalent of 4% of GDP – in-line with the European average – and increase exports to 48% of GDP.

Greece is establishing its place in the world. And the country’s presence on the world stage is based on a new confidence and optimism, one that sees opportunities around the globe.