Newsletter April,2022,04


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Our View: Resilient Greece

By Georgios Filiopoulos
CEO, Enterprise Greece

From a fiscal crisis to an energy crisis, from a pandemic to climate change, Greece has become increasingly resilient. Despite the myriad challenges the country has faced − and continues to encounter − Greece is quickly adapting.

This month marks the start of Greece’s summer tourist season. So far, the early signs are positive, proof that the country’s tourism brand remains strong and is ready to power the economy in a post-pandemic era. This month Greece also inaugurated the largest solar power facility in Southeast Europe, a milestone on the road to clean energy and energy security.

A milestone of a different sort was reached just a few weeks ago when – two years ahead of schedule − Greece paid off the last of its outstanding loans to the International Monetary Fund. That debt, about €1.9 billion, was a legacy of the country’s financial crisis. And there are indications that Greece may soon graduate from the special fiscal oversight that is another legacy of that crisis.

From the revival of tourism, to the development of new energy sources, through the reforms of the past decade, Greece’s economy is showing its resilience. Even as the world changes around it, Greece is proving to be a stable and secure destination with bright prospects and many opportunities.