Newsletter December,2021,12


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Supporting Greece’s trade & investment ecosystem

By Betty Alexandropoulou
Executive Director & Board Member, Enterprise Greece

Reflecting on the year that was, Enterprise Greece has had a remarkable run. The agency has shown growth and resilience and, what’s more, continues to mature, contributing to Greece’s trade and investment ecosystem in new and exciting ways.

From supporting our exporters abroad, to shepherding strategic investments at home, to communicating Greece’s investment story to global audiences, Enterprise Greece has become a one-stop shop for exporters, investors, and international partners.

And the good news… it appears that Greek exports will break the € 36 billion barrier for the first time, setting a new high. As such, not only surpassing the performance of 2020, but also that of a good year like 2019. Meanwhile, the agency has been strengthening this momentum with new services to help bolster Greek Trade as well as the local ecosystem’s overall mindset and aptitude for “extroversion”  .

Just over the past year, Enterprise Greece has continued to support Greek exporters in four strategic directions:  Information Consultation, Training, Promotion & Networking, and Co-financed Programs. The agency held dozens of online webinars for exporters and investors alike. This included the further expansion of its strategic webinar series “Doing Business In…” providing critical insights into foreign markets, as well as the completion of the training phase of its eBay strategic collaboration on becoming an expert in e-commerce.

Meanwhile on the networking pillar, it launched additional services to support exhibitors in large trade fairs – whether with physical, digital or hybrid presence – assisting them beforeduring and after the events.  In this manner enabling them to better understand and meet the needs of global buyers and consumers.

Whether off to far-flung missions to Shanghai, Washington DC and Dubai, while hosting an annual conference in Athens for official trade promotion agencies across Europe or at the same time attracting top class national strategic investments, the agency has yet another year under its belt.  Another year expanding its role as the steward of the local ecosystem, as well as internationally.

Greece is undergoing a transformation to a new economic model. And Enterprise Greece is playing a critical part in that transformation.